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    High Pressure hose pipe

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    High Pressure hose pipe

    Tube body meet EN853 / GB3683 / GB10544 / ISO1436 / ISO18752 / SAEJ517 performance parameters of the prescribed standards and requirements;The tube body has small bending radius, high working pressure and high temperature resistance limit, which can meet the performance requirements of various kinds of tonnage loaders and excavators.Hose assembly can form a complete set of 24 ° taper metric o-rings, inch 60 ° cone, American-made flange, ORFS and other kinds of joint sealing form, meet the demand of different loading oil mouth;Hose assembly with reliable compression structure, pressure and pulse resistance, according to ISO6803 pulse test method pulse performance up to 1 million times test.

    Product Pipe Body Type Structure Diameter Pressure Min bending radius Temperature Fitting type Mating type
    Hose assembly Low tension braided tube 1-3steel wire braiding 6-51mm 4-35MPa 40-630mm '-40℃至150℃ Metric system, British system, American system all kinds of sealed joint Loaders 1.8-7.5 ton Excavator 1.5-46 ton
    High pressure wound pipe 4-6steel wire braiding twine 10-51mm 21-42MPa 65-630mm -40℃to120℃